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One Gang Switch / Push Button/ SIM1010-K11

One Gang Switch / Push Button/ SIM1010-K11
Working Type: Push-Button
Number of Keys: 1 gang
Power Mode: Self-Powered/Battery-Free
Control Distance: 20~30M
Frequency Bands: 433/315/868/915MHz
Lifetime: >200,000 times
Communication Mode: SimpleLink

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What makes us different?
A number of things seperate The Battery-Free Wireless Light Switch from other wireless light switch products:

  • No batteries (Self-powered, no battery inside; never incur battery-replacement costs)
  • Long range (up to 30 meters)
  • High Quality (factory tested for 30+ years of use)
  • Reliability (installed in over 1,000 buildings worldwide)
  • Control a wide variety of devices (Not limited to lights)



The Battery-free Wireless Light Switch is the best solution for any light switch installation where running wires is difficult or expensive.



The fastest way to control your light

Fast, simple installation—No wires, no batteries, no hassle

Maintenance-Free, no batteries required—powered by your touch (Reliable for 30+ years)

Freedom to place anywhere—on the wall near your door or on the table near your chair

Long Range—30 meters


What's in the Box ? Packing Picture Show.

1. One Battery-Free wireless switch

2. One RF Receiver

3. Two Adhesive Tapes

4. One User Instruction

5. One Hang Rope

6. One Screw


7. One Terminal


Wireless Self-Powered Switch FAQ

- How it works?                  - How to Pairing?              - How to Install?

- Control distance?            - Voltage/Current?           - Interference & Reliability?

- Frequency?                      - Benefits?                          - How many lights can control?  

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  • Energy Harvesting Technology wireless switch  is ideal for both new building and retrofitting.

  • If you want to renovate or add switches later on, it is the best solution.
  • Eco-friendly, Cost-saving, Time-saving, Easy Using, Flexiblely Paring, Reliable. 

  • Widely used in office buildings, hotels, residential buildings, hospitals, retail buildings, schools, industrial buildings, historical buildings...

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