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Q: No battery how does it works? 
A: Using self-generation technology, Inside the switch there is a magnetic coil and when the switch rocker is pressed it creates enough energy to send a unique radio signal to the receiver.The built-in receiver is wired to the light and stored in the light fixture. If the receiver is a plug-in module then it is simply plugged into an outlet and the device, it controls is plugged into the receiver.

Q: Interference & Reliability
1. Could my neighbor accidentally turn on my lights?2. Will I have interference problems with other remote controls or wireless telephones?
3. Will your switch disturb others ( there will naturally be other brands as well in the same building)?
4. It is stable? 

A: SimpleLink switch use 32 bit ID, the singal is unique, will not control or be controled by other products. 
every push of switch, it will send out three radio telegrams, the loss rate is very low, it is stable.
Simplelink product only can control by SimpleLink product, can not control or be controled by other brand products.

Q: Voltage & Current
1. Do you have receiver for 12VDC / 24 VDC?
2. Can your switch can work on 110VAC?
A: We have two kinds of receiver, one is for 200V~240V, another is for 85V~265V. 110V no problem.
Currently, we do not have receiver for 24 VDC, but can customized as per request. 

Q: Working Frequency
1. What is the working frequency? 
2. Can i have sample with frequency be 920MHz?
3. Can you make 868MHz
A:  Our standard is 433MHz, other frequency also can customized as per request. sample only available 433 MHz currently.

Q: How many lights the switch can control?
 What is the distance can control? Can these devices be used around metal?Can i use the switch outdoors?

A: Normally One gang switch can control one light, two gang switch can control two lights,four gang switch control four lights. Also can two switches or many switches in different positions control one light. It is paring flexible. If one switch control many lights, the lights should connect in series, turn on/off at same time. Normally our standard device control distance is 20~30M in the building, in open air will longer distance. the switch can be used around metal however the distance may significantly be reduced. 

Q: Pairing & Installation
1. Are you selling the kits in matched pairs or need we matched ourselves?
Q: We bought a pair of switch and receiver, and suddenly switch is broken, and we need replace only one new switch or both switch and receiver.
A: All switches and receivers are paired ok before we send out factory, customers install the receiver and then can use directly. Also customer can clear the pair and re-pairing if needed.
If the receiver or switch broken, just replace the broken one,  re-pairing the new switch and receiver again.

Q: Can we just buy the module, not the whole set?
Can you produce other colors? can you ODM for us? whether can print our logo? 
A: We are manufacturer with R&D team, so many details can custom as per reqeust.
such as the switch shell, frequency, packing, switch finish. if you require other functions, also can cooperate. we also can only provide the module, customer make the switch shell or receiver themselves.

Q: How about the lifecycle
A: we do a test for 200,000 times, That means a switch can be operated 10 times a day for more than 50 years.

Q:Why self-powered switch?
A: For somewhere, there is no pre-wired switch and do not like battery. For example,Newly renovated house, temporary increase switch Baby room, Need to remote switch With his growing height. Glass room, not suitable to wire. Sauna room, no battery no rust Doorbell, calling equipment  for People who need to be cared for.

Q: Can I use these switches in no internet room?
A: Yes. This Base on RF technology, So, No need internet,The whole kit just need a power for electronic equipment and your finger's push.
More questions, please feel freely to contact us directly.

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