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Energy Harvesting Switch Solutions

At SimpleLink, we believe that wireless technology should simplify your life, not weigh it down.

SimpleLink energy harvesting technology frees wireless devices from batteries --- a core foundation of the Internet of Things. SimpleLink manufactures wireless battery-less switches which are maintenance-free and flexible allowing cost reduction in buildings and industrial facilities. When you press the switch, it can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, then can transmit wireless signals. The range of SimpleLink wireless switches control distance is up to 30 meters inside buildings. We provide an excellent environmentally friendly and maintenance-free alternative to wired or battery-powered solutions.

Based on self-generation technology, Battery-free wireless switches collect energy by pressing. It includes two parts, the transmitter (switch) and the receiver. Inside the switch there is a magnetic coil and when the switch rocker is pressed, it will convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy and send out a radio signal to the receiver. The signal ID is unique and it is activated only by the intended receiver. The receiver should connect to the appliance to be controlled, such as lighting, doorbell, power socket, automatic curtains and other home appliances.  Also it can accomplish one to multi or multi to one applications. Control distance can be up to 30 meters.



It is a great breakthrough technology innovation and will overturn the whole industry thoroughly. Our aim is to take our products to the world, let more people join us and enjoy the convenience brought by the technology.

You can also develop products based on our technology. We provide receiver module that you can design in any products, like socket, doorbell, smart light, automatic curtains, fan, robot and toy,


We have a R&D team in Shenzhen, our engineer can provide technical support to you directly.

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