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Wireless Plug

Wireless Plug
Working Type: Push-Button
Number of Keys: 1-4 gang
Power Mode: Self-Powered
Control Distance: 20~30M
Frequency Bands: 433/315/868/915MHz
Lifetime: >200,000 times
Communication Mode: FSK
Emit Power: +5dBm
Operating Temperature: -25~70℃
Operating Humidity: 0~95%RH
Typical Total Travel: 4mm
Operating Force: 7N

More Details

Warranty: 2 years
Dimensions: Ф70 x H15.5mm
Weight: 44g
OEM /ODM Service:    Available

Wireless Self-Powered Switch FAQ

- How it works?                  - How to Pairing?              - How to Install?

- Control distance?            - Voltage/Current?           - Interference & Reliability?

- Frequency?                      - Benefits?                          - How many lights can control?  

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  • Energy Harvesting Technology wireless switch  is ideal for both new building and retrofitting.

  • If you want to renovate or add switches later on, it is the best solution.
  • Eco-friendly, Cost-saving, Time-saving, Easy Using, Flexiblely Paring, Reliable. 

  • Widely used in office buildings, hotels, residential buildings, hospitals, retail buildings, schools, industrial buildings, historical buildings...

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